Innsbruck aktiv

Take advantage of the attractive offers of our cooperation partners for unforgettable moments and impressions in the Olympic city of Innsbruck:
Visit the Innsbruck Alpine Zoo, one of the highest zoos in Europe (750 m). Covering an area of ​​approximately 4.1 hectares, this themed zoo of alpine wildlife contains a unique collection of 150 animal species with 2000 animals from the entire Alpine region.
Walk in the footsteps of Emperor Maximilian I and visit the 13th-century Ambras Castle, one of the most important historical sites in Austria with the oldest museum in the world!
In the immediate vicinity of the event area, there is the opportunity to visit the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I - one of the most important imperial tombs in the world - in the Hofkirche, which is guarded by 28 larger-than-life bronze figures.
The team at Four Seasons Travel brings you and our top athletes comfortably and safely from Munich Airport to the event. Also for our athlete excursions we can count on the reliable team of Four Seasons.
Start your own personal flight with one of the most modern and attractive cable cars in the world. The incomparable panorama and the unforgettable view over the sports city of Innsbruck will captivate you as well. More informations at the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen.
Please note the offers and take advantage of the range proposed by the sport city of Innsbruck including fitness and sauna 24-hours a day. Free consultation without appointment and reduction with over 100 advantage partners. For more information on the special offer, please contact Happy Fitness.