The 9th edition of the International Golden Roof Challenge, which has recently reached cult status not only in within the Athletics Family, took place this year on 1st June.

pictures: Webhofer, PHOTO PLOHE, Weingartner, GEPA pictures

It was certainly not the weather the organisers had hoped for, as floods of rain poured from the skies.
At 3pm, the children of the 4th Euregio School Championships lined up to participate in their long jump competitions with a crowd of enthusiastic parents, armed with rain gear and umbrellas, giving loud support to encourage the teams. Sponsored by the Hypo Tirol Bank, the best long jump hopefuls from Tirol (AUT), South Tirol (ITA) and Trentino (ITA) competed in the final just prior to the elite competition.

The rain showed no signs of stopping, but the crowd remained to watch some of the World’s Top athletes compete. In extremely challenging conditions, the athletes just did not want to let the crowd down and decided to go ahead. Competing to win on the FlySwat, behind the scenes was a different story: the athletes helped their opponents by drying each other’s poles, holding towels and jackets and carrying umbrellas to protect each other from the floods of rain. These were no conditions for record-breaking performances, however, everyone did their best and a great atmosphere of team work continued until late in the evening.

The Int. Golden Roof Challenge has now extended its concept to other cities and 2013 sees the creation of the Golden Fly Series™ - the world´s first in-City Athletics series with tour stops scheduled in Innsbruck, Munich, Cologne and Salzburg.


Results of 9th Int. Golden Roof Challenge

Pictures of 9th Int. Golden Roof Challenge

MOBILE CONSTRUCTION We build up a new transportabel combination-track , that is unique worldwide called the FlySwat. GOLDEN FLY SERIES 2013 Sport at the world class level in the heart of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Innsbruck - Munich - Cologne - Salzburg

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