Longjump women

The meeting record is 6,83 m (Elena Sokolova/ RUS, 2012).

The limit for the European Championships is 6.55, for Olympia 6.70.

Lynique Prinsloo, RSA

personal best: 6.81

No. 4 World Rankings 2016
World Championships participant 2013

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Eliane Martins, BRA

personal best: 6.70

No. 7 World Rankings 2016

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Alina Rotaru, ROM

personal best: 6.75

No. 8 World Rankings 2015 indoor
Olympic Youth Champion 2010

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Nina Djordjevic, SLO

personal best: 6.58

European Championships finalist 2014
Slovenian Champion

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Sarah Lagger, AUT

personal best: 6.31

reigning Vice-World Youth Champion Heptathlon

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The Nordkette-Trophy is doped with € 6.000,- and will be awarded to a No. 1 IAAF-World-Ranking for pole-vault and long jump. Achieve two or more athletes at the event the new bestmark, the premium is devided.

In case that the Nordkette-Trophy is not paid, the advertised amount comes in a jackpot and will be raised in the coming year.

We are grateful to the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen for their support!