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Pole-vault men
Longjump women
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A group of World class athletes will be invited to compete.

The best Austrian athletes receive a wild-card.

During the competition physiotherapists from Sporttherapie Huber and Mair will be available to treat the athletes.


The Nordkette-Trophy is doted with a prize of € 8.000,- wich will be awarded to an athlete achieving No. 1 IAAF-World-Ranking in pole-vault or long jump. If two or more athletes achieve a new world leading mark, the Trophy will be split.

In case the Nordkette-Trophy is not won, the advertised amount will roll over for the next year.

Our thanks go to Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen for their support!

Athletes' excursions

The day before the event an athletes' excursion with selected Top-Athletes will take place to Alpenzoo Innsbruck, home to over 2.000 animals (150 species), which are or have been typical for the Alps.

Therefore interesting parallels in case of speed and bounce can be taken between Top-Athletes and per example brown bear or capricorns!

In the morning of the event, an athlete's excursion to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds will take place on an area of 7.5 hectares of crystal. In the “Wunderkammer” and in the spacious garden, international, but also nationally renowned artists, designers and architects have interpreted crystal in their very own way. The heart of the garden forms a crystal cloud, consisting of around 800.000 hand-set crystals from Swarovski.

A camera team from our TV partner quattro media will accompany the excursions and broadcast athlete's interviews and excellent images of the sports city of Innsbruck in over 140 countries worldwide!