OBI ChallengeThe top athlete commitments will be completed by mid-August. A group of World class athletes will be invited to compete. The best Austrian athletes receive a wild card.

In the foreground is the hunt for the € 8,000,- endowed "Nordkette-Trophy" for an annual world leading mark and the prestigious Golden Fly Series "Wings", which were specially designed by Pichl Medaillen GmbH for the class victories!

In additon, fixed entry fees of total € 30,000,- will be awarded.

During the competition physiotherapists from Sporttherapie Huber and Mair will be available to treat the athletes.


We are pleased to present special impressions of some of our Golden Fly Series athletes (recorded by Roland Blum at Tour Stop in the Principality of Liechtenstein). These "Golden Fly-Faces" reflect the same excitement, will to win and appreciation for our World's First Athletics In-City Series!

Thanks to Roland and all our top athletes!