Sergey Bubka (UKR)

pole vault
35times World record holder, IAAF Vice-President, Laureus World Sports Award 2008

"Armin Margreiter and his team do an excellent job for the promotion of athletics – it’s a great concept, especially the Golden Roof Challenge in Innsbruck. As long as all the IAAF requirements are met – which is the case with the Golden Fly Series – the events are fully-fledged athletic competitions and enrich the IAAF competition calendar. We need such events to showcase the appeal of athletics in a modern, audience-grabbing light!"

Fabiana Murer (BRA)

pole vault
Double World Champion

“Golden Fly Series and especially Innsbruck as “home of the Golden Fly Series” is an event that put sports close to the people.
Golden Fly Series is an exciting competition because all of the attention goes to the athletes to do a good performance!”

Mauro Vinicius da Silva (BRA)

long jump
World Indoor Champion 2014 and 2012
FlySwat record holder speed (41.4 km/h)

"I've been in Innsbruck, for the start of the Golden Fly Series. It was an excellent competition with lots of atmosphere and a unique interaction with the audience, which transmits pure energy and shivers to the athletes! It was a perfectly organised competition with an all star cast, which promotes top performances and guarantees excellent visibility!”

Jeff Hartwig (USA)

pole vault
World record holder Masters 40, 2-time USA Olympian

“The Golden Fly Series offers a highly energetic atmosphere that combines sport and entertainment. The Golden Fly Series management team does an excellent job of organizing events that provide opportunity for athletes and a great show for all spectators who attend.”
Jeff Hartwig set at the Int. Golden Roof Challenge 2008 in Innsbruck/Austria a new world record at the age of 40 years (5.60 )!

Konstadínos Filippidis (GRE)

pole vault
World Champion 2014 (indoor), National record holder

“During the last year, I competed in several events of the Golden Fly Series. It is about big meets which provide a great experience for each competitor. For me personally, is always pleasure to compete with elite world class athletes in front of emotional and very warm audiences, in different cities every time and on the largest mobile track and field apparatus of the world - “The FlySwat”. Additionally, from an athlete's point of view, it is very important to have high standards in order to achieve big performances. You have done that! At this point, I want to thank the organizers and, of course, everybody who contributed to organizing those meets. I'm looking forward to be with you also next season and why not, at all the events of the Series. Good luck with your work and I wish all the best.”

Markus Rehm (GER)

long jump
Paralympic World record holder, Winner paralympics 2012 and 2016

"Exactly such concepts as the "Golden Fly Series" needs Athletics ... exciting competitions in a great setting combined with the most professional organization! For us, athletes, it´s always a highlight so close to the audience, because this guarantees the very special atmosphere of the Golden Fly Series. I am also happy to be here in 2015 and am already looking forward to exciting duels with top international athletes!"

Sergey Morgunov (RUS)

long jump
Junior World Record Holder, Junior World Champion 2012, Nr. 1 World Ranking 2012

"The Golden Fly Series was a very exiting experience for me and the atmosphere so close to thousands of enthusiastic fans was new and unique. It was a real pleasure to jump as the mobile apparatus of the series "The FlySwat" allows really big jumps as well! So I`m glad that I was part of this great initiative bringing athletics directly to the people and look forward in further jumps in the next years!"